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IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper


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Experience body-shaping and weight loss benefits in one product with the IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper! This breathable shapewear highlights your curves and promotes weight loss – without compromising comfort. 


Before we go over our products, let's take a look at our satisfied customers!

Abigail Gordon, USA

"The IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper is surprisingly comfortable to wear! I went in and bought it and it tucks everything in the right areas with great stretch! This makes me feel confident and it doesn’t show through the layer of clothing. What’s really amazing about it is, even though it generates warmth, this never makes me feel like a sweaty mess. The fabric is still comfortable and breathable and I could swear my tummy looks flatter with consistent wear. Overall, I really like this product."


Charlotte Clarke, AU

"I had my baby two years ago, and I’ve been experiencing chronic back pain since. I purchased the IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper and I am pleasantly surprised at how this really supports my back with comfortable compression. I don’t have any pain when it’s on, and the pain has improved tremendously when it’s off. The real bonus is that it helps me lose all the post-pregnancy fat around my belly. It really firms up and tones my tummy. I’m so happy with this product! I’m definitely buying more in different colours."


Lexie Young, UK

"I have the IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper in both black and red. This tummy shaper is excellent for providing an invisible layer of warmth. I wear this on regular days and while I’m working out, and this really boosts my exercise routine by increasing the sweating. Prior to buying this, I weighed 152 lbs and now I’m down to 130. This stuff works! And amazingly, the fabric is comfortable for all seasons. It still has that breathability that is just perfect for summer days. I think it’s safe to say that I love everything about this fiber shaper and I’m definitely buying the flesh-coloured one."


How can radiating IONS enhance weight loss and promote blood circulation?

Getting in shape requires a consistently balanced diet and hours of sweat session, which can be a little draining. So anything that could help us boost our weight loss efforts is always welcome. Enter: the far infrared shaper.

Far infrared shapewear/shaper is becoming a thing, and for good reasons. This type of undergarment uses an innovative feature that can offer a variety of benefits for the body. FIR shapewear is made to burn fat as well as instantly form the body.

Introducing our revolutionary IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper! While helping to mold and shape your body, this unique fiber shaper emits ions that promote weight loss. Simply put it on like any other garment, and it will surround your body with warmth that speeds up the burning of fat and calories by increasing sweating.

The IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper features the FIR technology, an electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by the shapewear's fabric. These far-infrared negative ions heat the skin by penetrating it; this heat has a number of advantages, including an increase in blood flow and the breakdown of fat.

This elastic fiber shaper generates heat, which boosts metabolic rate and improves blood flow to the muscles and skin. Deep subcutaneous tissues' temperature rises as a result of the heat produced by the ions, increasing metabolism. It also aids in digestion improvement and the body's detoxification and lymphatic systems.

The ions radiated by the IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper will concentrate around your waist while you're sitting or exercising, targeting belly fat and causing your body to burn calories more effectively.


Let’s See What The Experts Say!

A study published by the National Library of Medicine(NIH) revealed that “by embedding biomaterials within the fabric, these innovative garments have the capacity to interact with the body’s physiological functions at rest and during exercise. Garments can absorb body-emitted heat energy, and then re-emit it through radiation (within the FIR wavelength range) back to the body.”


Product Features:

  • Shapes and forms waist & hips

The IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper lets you instantly achieve an hourglass figure by offering compression from all sides without uncomfortably squeezing you in. This undergarment is designed to provide tummy control, lift and shape your buttocks, and conceal bulges and belly fat. Wear it under any outfit for a smoother, curvier appearance!

  • Prevents fat storage around the belly

Daily wear of this amazing shaper will keep you in shape as the unique fabric generates heat from the inside to the outside. The concentration of ions-generated heat targets belly fat by boosting blood circulation, which then activates your body’s fat- and calorie-burning mode. This weight loss underwear allows the warmth to surround the midsection and enhances the cellular vitality of your buttocks, giving your butt a little tuck.

  • AAA Grade Antibacterial Micro Nylon Material

IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper’s antibacterial feature prevents bacteria build up, keeping infections and other hygiene problems in the intimate area at bay. It is made from micro nylon material that earns it a high score in the breathable comfort scale.

  • Seamless, stretchable design fits all body shapes & sizes

This stretchy shaper provides tummy control and smoothing support without visible panty lines and uncomfortable wires and wedgies. It fits all body sizes and shapes. And thanks to the soft, highly elastic material, this shaper won’t feel like it’s squeezing your body to the point of suffocation. 


Emma Doyle shares how the IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper help her active her ideal form.

Week 1:

I've been using the IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper for a week now, and I must say, I'm impressed. I love how it smooths out my tummy and lifts my butt, giving me a more toned and firm look. The added bonus of the radiating IONs is intriguing, and I'm excited to see how it can help burn fat over time.


Week 2:

It's been two weeks and I'm noticing some real changes. My waistline is looking slimmer, and my hips have a more toned appearance. The shapewear is still comfortable to wear, and I appreciate how it doesn't roll down or ride up during the day.


Week 4:

I'm extremely pleased with the results! Not only has it provided me with the slimming effect I was looking for, but it has also helped to improve my overall appearance. The Radiates IONs technology has been working wonders, and I have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of fat around my waistline!

I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend the IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper to anyone looking for a comfortable and effective shapewear solution. It is easy to wear under any outfit and has truly made a difference in how I look and feel.


Package includes:

  • 1 x IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper
  • One size fits all

IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper
IONSTech™ Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper
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