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EarBuddy - Smart Ear Cleaner with Integrated Camera



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Product Details

Cleaner ears with a single use - say goodbye to wax buildup!
Get professional results for less - the pro's choice for ear health!
Reusable and sustainable - no more harmful cottonbuds!
IP67 rated - protection against dust and water damage!
 15 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Cotton Swabs Don't Work.

Cotton swabs clog ear canals which lead to irreversible hearing loss and increased likelihood of painful ear infections.


Don't risk damaging your ears by using outdated and dangerous cotton swabs.

Take charge and switch to a safer and more effective solution now.


Children treated for emergency each year 


Cotton-swab injuries occur when cleaning


Burst ear drums and infections from swabs

Introducing The EarBuddy!

Full visibilitysafe, and effective for all ear sizes. Seruby Ear Cleaner is the solution to all your ear cleaning needs.

The ClearEar HD Camera wirelessly streams a full view of your ear to your phone as you safely and effectively remove ear wax with the silicone scoop.

Get a clear look inside without guessing. The last ear cleaner you'll ever need.



Effortless Cleaning with Replaceable Head!

Our ClearEar has a replaceable spoon head that makes cleaning your ears simple and easy.


Quick Charge And Long Lasting!

ClearEar can be completely loaded in only one hour and can be used continuously. It can be used for 10 days after 5 minutes a day.


 Take Care Of The Ear Health Of The Whole Family!

The ultimate solution for keeping the ears of your whole family healthy and clean.


Stop wasting ur time and money, going to the doctor to get your ears cleaned!

The doctors APPROVE that this is 100x better than Q-Tips!

ClearEar vs Cotton Buds


How To Use The App



If for any reason you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply send it back within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

Revolutionize Your Ear Cleaning Routine!

Looking for an effective way to clean your ears safely? Look no further! EarBuddy features a high-definition camera that streams a full view of the inside of your ear to your iPhone or Android device. It's a one-time purchase that comes with reusable and replaceable silicone ear tips, meaning you'll never need to buy another ear cleaning device again.


It's time to start cleaning your ears the right way!

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EarBuddy - Smart Ear Cleaner with Integrated Camera
EarBuddy - Smart Ear Cleaner with Integrated  Camera
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